Dylan Perry

About Dylan Perry.

Dylan Perry was born in the 1970's in Bridgend, South Wales, before moving to the coast. That's the original South Wales, UK, not New South Wales, Australia. He had an idyllic childhood of solo imaginary adventures, making dens and running through woods. It was idyllic mostly because he was largely unaware and disassociated from everything else. He loved his primary school Welsh lessons, where they read Welsh fairy stories. He was not so happy with his secondary school Welsh lessons where they actually expected him to learn Welsh. He loved to read Grimm's fairy tales over and over. He never quite got Hans Christian Anderson's tales, they lacked the darkness of Grimm's and the traditional Welsh tales. Dylan was naturally drawn to the sciences at school and read Physics at university. He has no real formal education in relation to writing but has constantly written novels since his late teens. Not whole novels, just the first chapters or plot outlines. Since leaving education he has spent almost two decades researching characters, plots and situations by taking a variety of low achiever jobs, including double glazing sales, pharmacy and pub management. His first novel, Gods Just Want To Have Fun, was written in just a few months around his full time job. It was rewritten and edited repeatedly over the following few years.

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